4 Most Common Residential Concrete Structures

Concrete is a strong material that is used for many different residential purposes from driveways and retaining walls to pool decks and walkways. It’s durable, attractive, and requires professional installation in most cases. Concrete Driveways – Concrete driveways aren’t as common in the northern states because of the freeze-thaw cycle. As the seasons change and […]

Ghost Town Architecture You Must See

1. Kolmanskop, Namib Desert, Southern Africa Situated in the middle of the South African desert, it is fascinating to see an abandoned town made up of houses, schools, a hospital, and even a casino fashioned after the German architecture. Around the 1900s, German miners began settling in the area due to its abundance in diamonds. […]

Concrete Architecture Designs

Concrete is a blended substance made of diverse aggregate that’s been bonded together with a chemical binder.  It’s a popular architectural material because of its look and durability.  Concrete is easy to pour and mold into a variety of shapes, and the options for designs are nearly endless when the substance is combined with an […]

Resilient Design in Architecture

Resilient architecture and sustainability connect– genuinely sustainable buildings can withstand disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes, as well as the test of time. As natural disasters become ever more prevalent, architects and builders must think about resilient architecture when building new structures and improving old ones. Resilient design isn’t solely for individual buildings; cities […]

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