Who Is Margaret Bursa

My architectural work is a social manifesto, designed to challenge the accepted architecture of the city against nature, reflecting changing attitudes to life and our daily pattern of work, rest and play. My resulting architectural design: diorama, housing, parkscapes, playgrounds, folkscapes and sports grounds are investigated at scales ranging from the masterplan to a focus on the details of the everyday. The resulting architectural landscapes are conceived as a life-size topographical maps, using and respecting nature to create a building that will blur and soften the edges of the city to allow nature and society to meet.

My work is fuelled by the need to express the materiality, colour and richness in the details of the everyday through an assemblage of design components. The models and drawings are both an interplay of these observations and responsive spatial design.

If you would like to know more about my work please contact me by email – margaret.bursa@aol.com.

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